Thursday, May 01, 2014

What We Did - Week 17

Day 120 - Thur.
Matthew heading off to the bus stop with his new buzz!
Day 121 - Fri.
Mark enjoyed his carousel ride at Grapevine Mills.

Michael and his team won their first soccer game in the ESPN Copa Tournament.

...While Matthew indulged in a snow cone.

Day 122 - Sat.
Sharing some snacks while watching Michael win his 2nd soccer game.

Day 123 - Sun.
Tournament Champions! They won 5 games straight in 3 days. PHEW!

Day 124 - Mon.
A perfect day for a scooter ride. Every time he fell, he would say, "I didn't win the game!" Then he would get right back on and be on his merry way. I couldn't even began to guess what game he was playing with himself.

Day 125 - Tue.
Class field trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo!

Day 126 - Wed.
I had to take Michael to the Dr. today because he was still not feeling well.  He has some sort of stomach bug since Sunday and is feeling awful.  Poor baby. Mark loves to play while we wait.

Aren't these lovely?  They are from my rosebushes and I am super happy that they survived all the extreme weather we've had.

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