Friday, May 02, 2014

Everybody Get Down on Friday

We had another busy Friday, and started off pretty early. Matthew had his Dragon Pride assembly in the morning.  Mark did so well.  He sat and watched the whole assembly.  He met this little girl there and we ended up sitting next to her and her mom. He kept inching closer to her until he was almost literally on her lap.
Matthew being recognized getting Dragon Pride Reader award. How adorable is he with his little glasses?!
Then we were off to our weekly playdate.  We met up with the others at a park in Colleyville. Unfortunately, one of the elementary schools decided to have its field day there as well.  I thought it was going to be chaos, but it turned out fine.  They actually made it more lively and our kiddos basically hung out in the sand pit - to my disappointment.

I was hoping that Mark would not notice sand box because I freak out on the inside every time he starts playing in the dirty, gritty, get-into-everything sand. And today was even worse than usual - he laid his little self out on it and started moving his arms up and down like he was making a snow angel.  His whole body and his HEAD was on the sand, people! Fanny almost died laughing when she saw my face. I was horrified. That's when I decided it was time to go.
Playing nicely on the playground before he saw the sand pit

Dang it!  He saw it.
Fanny gave them paper bowls to play with.

After I got as much sand off of him as possible, we went and had lunch at Panda Express.  He wanted "noo-nose and orlange chicken (which is actually teriyaki chicken)."

Our plan after lunch was a car wash at the dealership.  Well, they informed me that it would take 2 hours so we just drove home instead.

Oh and Sarah had her baby! Michael is so excited.  He asked when we can go see baby Owen.  We plan on visiting them in the hospital on Sunday.  She had a c-section so she will be there until at least Monday.

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