Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Carwash, Cupcakes and Castle

Mark and I started our week off with a much-needed carwash.  He loves to go wish me to get a carwash as long as he's not in the car while it's being washed.  We tried that awhile ago.  I think we were on our way to San Antonio last year and we made the mistake of going through a car wash.  He screamed the whole time.  The "get me the heck our of here-I'm so angry with you for making me go through this scream.  He was a little over one.  We've never been through the carwash with him again because it was so horrifying for him.

Now I just go to our dealership and drop off the car.  Mark gets to play and drink "lemon juice."

Then we headed off Grapevine Mills because I had to exchange something at the Gap Outlet.  We had to stop and ride the little carousel, of course.

There's a little gourmet cupcake place that opened up and I've been wanting to try it so we stopped by and got a little treat.  I was disappointed with my cupcake - I definitely prefer Kara's Cupcake, but Mark had himself a good ole' time.

The place had a little play kitchen with pretend cupcakes.  Needless to say, it was very difficult to get him out of there.  But he was so cute pretending to bake, frost, serve, eat the little cupcakes.  Then he pretended to clean up and washed the plates in the sink.  So adorable!!!

When we got home, he wanted to build a "castle" on the floor.  He sat in his little castle eating his apples while watching his show.  

Then Matthew came home from school and had rice with chicken and broccoli for his snack. He's such a clown!

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  1. I guess going to the carwash isn’t fun for every kid. Though it might be because he doesn’t like enclosed spaces that much – and the rumbling noises did not help matters. Anyway, it seems like he had a lot of fun playing and eating that cupcake while you guys waited for the carwash to finish. And I agree that the little play kitchen was a nice touch. Thanks for sharing this with us, Katherine. Have a great day!

    Harvey Hamilton @ All Seasons Valeters