Thursday, May 08, 2014

What We Did - Week 18

Day 127 - Thur.
Michael was finally ready to go back to school after missing 3 days.

Day 128 - Fri.
We went to see Matthew receive his Dragon Pride award

Day 129 - Sat.
M took Michael to a VERY early soccer game so I took the other two out for a little donut treat.  It was such a beautiful morning!

Day 130 - Sun.
Matthew and Mark shared some lemon ice at Michael's soccer game.

Then Mark played with his friend, Reagan, at Matthew's baseball game. This is both of them saying, "Cheese!" for the picture.

Day 131 - Mon.
Sarah came to visit with Owen! Mark was so sweet to baby Owen.
Day 132 - Tues.
Check up time! Matthew was so happy and surprised that he has no cavity. He gets so anxious at the dentist and squeezed my hand the whole time the hygienist was cleaning his teeth. Michael was as cool as a cucumber.

Day 133 - Wed.
We played catch outside while Bo-Bos were in school. I can eat him up with a spoon! He picked out that shirt himself when we went shopping.  He loves the glasses.

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