Thursday, May 15, 2014

What We Did - Week 19

Day 134 - Thur.
It was Teacher Appreciation Week all week.  As Party Coordinator I was in charge of getting Matthew's teacher a class gift so I went with a Target gift card.  I was very proud of my gift card holder.

Day 135 - Fri.
Michael's school had a Muffins with Mom event.  Here is with his best bud, Robert.  The little guy is Robert's brother - Isn't he adorable?  Why does my 11-year old look smaller than a 4-year-old?

Day 136 - Sat.
Matty hit his 1st homerun! This was right after his hit. So proud of this little man.

Day 137 - Sun.
Happy Mother's Day!  This was the card that Michael made for me. I love it!

Day 138 - Mon.
No picture today.  We went and had lunch with Matthew and dropped off lunch for Michael today.

Day 139 - Tue.
Michael went on his big field trip to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose (2 hours away).  He most excited about taking  a charter bus there.  The first time he's ever been on a charter bus. He was also very excited about a selfie he took with an ostrich.

Day 140 - Wed.
Today was laundry catch-up day and we got a few things off my to-do list. Michael had practice and Matthew was suppose to have a playoff game, but the game was cancelled because the fields were still wet and muddy.  M will be glad it was postponed because he was bummed when he realized he'd miss the game.

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