Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

Our Friday started off bright and early.  Michael's school had their Muffins with Mom event so we headed off to his school at about 7:30.  Mark was still sleeping so we left him with Daddy.

Then Mark had his playdate during Jumperoo at Urban Air with his little buddies.  He loves this place and has been asking to go to it again every day.  I didn't get any good pictures because he was always on the move!

He loved the foam pit best.  One of the cutest moments was when he was a part of a group of little kiddos jumping into the pit holding hands.  It was adorable and I didn't get a picture - of course.

Then we went to Panda Express for lunch.  

Our Saturday started off with a baseball game.  It was such a nice morning for baseball.  And Matty's team finally won a game! And Matthew did AWESOME!  He hit a home run at his third at bat.  He was so happy and couldn't wait to tell his friends about it!!!!

 M was pitching...

Mark hung out with his little buddy, Reagan.

Another cute moment?  Reagan let out a little shriek and screamed, "Bug!"  Mark was right there to protect her.  He ran over to where she was and promptly stepped on the bug.  It turned out that it wasn't actually a bug, but it was hilarious! Here he is stepping on the "bug."

Michael and Mark sharing some popcorn while Matthew had a post game meeting with his team.

The team! So proud of these boys.  We had a rough season, but they were just happy to play baseball.

Right after the game, we had to hurry over to Main Event for a birthday party for Matthew's friend.

Happy Birthday, Boueny!

After dinner and showers, we regrouped and had a movie night.

Then for Mother's Day, I got this.

With lots of books written by some of my favorite authors pre-loaded. This will be perfect for our vacation! 

And this awesome card from Michael.

Thanks to all my boys and my hubby!

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