Thursday, May 29, 2014

What We Did - Week 21

Still not back on the picture wagon.  The pickings are slim this week. I'm just trying to get everything together before we leave for 2 weeks!

Day 148 - Thur.
I didn't have any picture of today and I'm pretty sure we didn't do much except for our daily chores. Oh, and I had a meeting with my spirit girls and our vendor to go over shirt designs for spirit shop next year. Mark had a great time at the Gs while I was at the meeting.

Day 149 - Fri.
Mike, Corie, Dylan and Baby Cali stopped for for literally a few hours on their way to Atlanta.  We met up with them and the Gs for dinner. Mark really enjoyed his dessert. And I enjoyed meeting the Cali - she's such a happy baby girl!

Day 150 - Sat.
The boys went to spend the night at a friend's house so we had a very quiet night.  I found this picture that Michael took at the sleepover.

Day 151- Sun.
Mark loves to put his floor puzzles together. The fire truck puzzle he's playing with?  We've had it since Matthew was 2.

Day 152 - Mon.
Happy Memorial Day! I saw the boys for about 2 hours in the morning before they left to play with their buddies all day.  They went to our neighborhood lake for some fishing fun.  This is a random picture that Michael took of their modes of transportation all day.

Day 153 - Tue.
I had another spirit shop meeting and decided to take Mark with me.  We met up at s Starbucks.  He was SO good.  He just hung out on the little sofa they had there and played with my iPhone for an hour and a half. No picture today :-(

Day 154 - Wed.
A little morning snuggle.

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