Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Field Trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo

Mark and I tagged along with Matthew for his class field trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo today.  The weather could not be more perfect for outdoor fun!

All the kids love to see Mark.  They think he's the greatest thing ever and think he'll do whatever they ask him to.  One of them actually asked him to be Superman. Haha!

We got there really early.  Mark just played with his blanket while we waited.

Then his posse arrived.  He got NO attention! :-)

This little guy came right over to us.

Mark was so happy to be part of this little group!

We went into the aviary right when we got in because we knew the birds would not want to eat if we went later.  We got a couple of birds to sit on our stick, but I couldn't get pictures because I was holding Mark.  He tried to get the bird to come down by screaming, "Here! Here!"

Lunch stop.  There were squirrels all over this area and they were not shy.  They would come over begging for food.  Mark got a kick out of them.  He did a lot of squealing because these squirrels would come up so close to him.

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