Monday, April 07, 2014

Weekend Fun

We had another busy weekend! I hosted a playdate on Friday. We were supposed to meet up at an outdoor playground, but when we got there, it was so cold and windy for the little ones to play so we decided to go to the indoor playground at Gateway Church. Then we went to have lunch at McDonald's afterwards. By the time we got home, Mark was ready for a nap.

Brrrr....too cold at the outdoor playground.

It's much better playing inside...

I had to go over the Michael's school to help set up for their Celebration of the Fine Arts event.  Michael came with me and showed me his artwork.  He had a clay gnome and a self-portrait.

Since we are on the topic of self portrait, Matthew also did a self-portrait that is being displayed at the public library.

After we finished up at the school, we met up with M and the my two babies for dinner at the Red Lobster.  It was packed! We had some lobster (obviously) and the boys really enjoyed their dessert.

On Saturday, Michael had some early morning scrimmages.  M took him and then me and other boys met them at the field to watch for a little bit.  It was much colder than I thought it would be.  We picked up some lunch on our way home.

Then it was time to get the boys ready to get dropped off at the Gs and for Matthew to get ready for his baseball game. We were able to stop by and see him play a little bit before we had to head out to a wedding in Weatherford.  This is him warming up before the game.  He did really well and I'm so proud of him even though their team got beat pretty badly.

M and I went to a wedding for one of his old co-worker on Saturday at a place called Clark's Garden in Weatherford.  It was so beautiful, and the bride and the groom looked so happy. I just love weddings! I love this banner they put up.  Congrats to Brent and Ashley!

We were going to stay the night in Weatherford, but decided to drive home instead.  We got home a little before 11pm and went to bed without our little man in our bed. It was so nice and I had a great night's sleep.

Our Sunday was very laid back.  I went to Target and that was pretty much it. We had some Panda Express for lunch and I made beef stroganoff for dinner.  Then, I made the boys some chocolate fondue with some fresh fruits.  They loved it!

A nice sweet end to a fun weekend!

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