Monday, April 28, 2014

Championship Weekend

This weekend was all about soccer!!! Michael had a soccer tournament and it was fantastic.  His team won the U11 Championship, of course, but most of his games were nail biters.

He had his second game Saturday morning. When we got there, I wasn't sure he would be able to play because he was complaining about his stomach and dry heaving.  He felt better after some water and rest, and ended up playing very well.  They won 3-1.  We grabbed a quick lunch and hurried home to get ready for Matthew's team picture/baseball game.  
Matthew and Mark set up camp and shared snacks during Michael's morning game on Saturday.  They were so sweet to each other. 
Matthew' team started off so well, but they ended up losing.  We need a win badly.  very one is hitting well, but there's some bad mojo going on. We have 2 more games in the season left, so let's hope we win them both! 

Michael, Mark and I didn't get to stay for the whole game because we had to get Michael to his 2nd soccer game of the day in Carrollton.
Michael with his buddies (aka the other older brothers) chilling at Matthew's baseball game.
Everyone enjoying the sunshine and a good baseball game
Snacking and keeping score
This was one of those games where if the other team had won, I would have said that they deserved to. Our team needed a win or a tie to advance to the semi-finals. The boys played well, but they were down 2-1 with less than 2 minutes to play.  We were all ready to pack it in and head on out. 

Then something amazing happened - one of our boys scored a tying goal on a bobble with less then a minute to play! I have never been so happy with a tie in my life. We were still in it. However, they were going to have to beat FC Dallas Premier, the 2nd best team in the state, to advance to the Championship game next.  

M was not optimistic. They've played this team twice before.  They tied the first game and lost badly in the second game, so the odds were not in our favor.  Second best team in the state, people!  They shut out all the other teams they've played in this tournaments so far. 

But our boys did not care.  They came to play and they played hard.  They scored the first goal, but FC Dallas Premier came back with one of their own. Our boys scored another goal and FC matched it. We were tied 2-2 with seconds left to play and I was bracing myself for overtime and a possible heartbreaking loss.  But then another amazing thing happened - one of our boys scored the winning goal on a free kick!  Our boys just beat one of the best teams in Texas! On to the championship game!

And it was another stressful game.  At least for me.  I don't know if they were tired or what, but the boys just could not get it together.  The other team scored 3 straight in the first half and we were kind of stunned.  But then something amazing happened - our boys came out fighting in the second half!  They were tenacious and went after the ball hard every time.  Their passing finally came together and they scored 4 straight goals to win it! I was so so proud of them.  Our parents went crazy and I was one of the crazies.
The awards ceremony

Trophy Time!

Sweet Victory!
What an exciting and an exhausting weekend.  We have to do it all over again next weekend because Solar is playing in another tournament.  Their first game will be against (drum roll, please) - FC Dallas Premier.  Here we go again.

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