Monday, April 21, 2014

Uneventful Easter Weekend

Mark and I hosted a playdate at the Perot Museum on Friday and he had so much fun! He loves the museum and constantly asks to go.  I thought that it would be a pretty light day there, but it turned out that I was wrong.  I didn't take into account that it was a holiday weekend.  It was so crowded that we just hung out at the children's area of the museum.

This was the second time that he played in the sand pit.  It was very hard to get him out when it was time to go.

And his first time wading in the little river thing in front of the museum. He was soaked, but he was having such a good time, I let him do his thing. Yes, that's my finger in the picture. 

I didn't have a change of clothes for him.  The only thing I had for him to change into was my pink striped shirt so I put it on him.  He thought it was the funniest thing to be wearing Mommy's shirt. He loved it. He wanted me to take a picture for Daddy.

Matthew had a baseball game Friday evening.  We survived the game and then went to dinner with the Gs at Wildwood Grill. 

Then there was another baseball game Saturday morning.  They lost again, but it was a much more enjoyable game. 

Michael and his buddy Jackson started to keep score on the big board.  After one inning they decided that it was boring so they left.  I had to take over.  I think I did a pretty good job!

Saturday was so beautiful that we spent most of our time outside on our patio.  I love this time of year when the weather is great and the bugs are not out yet (about 2 weeks out of the year).  We had dinner outside.  The boys' friend Jayce joined us.

I found this selfie on my computer.  How cute are these boys?

I dropped the ball when it came to Easter this year.  I had planned on taking the boys on an Easter egg hunt on Saturday at the Delaney Vineyards but by the time time we were done with Matthew's baseball game and had lunch, I was too tired to pack them up and make the drive to Grapevine.  We were just going to wait for our neighborhood egg hunt and petting zoo on Sunday.  It turns out that the neighborhood egg hunt got moved to Saturday because the organizers thought that it would on Sunday.  I obviously did not get the message and we missed it completely.

Fortunately, the Gs pulled through and got the boys Easter baskets. We went over for an Easter lunch and then came home.  

Mark loved his first taste of Peeps pop. Big brother did not mind sharing.

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