Thursday, April 10, 2014

What We Did - Week 14

Day 100 - Thur.
We took our car for a much needed wash.  We played with puzzles and read books while we waited.

Day 101 - Fri.
Playdate with Jaxson!  We were going to meet at an outdoor playground, but it was a little chilly so we met at Gateway Church to play.
Day 102 - Sat.
M and I went to a wedding out in Weatherford.  It was very beautiful, but so cold. I just love weddings! We tried to get a good selfie, but we weren't very successful.  Mostly because M was a big pain about it.

And how sweet are these kids? I love the cowboy boots.
Day 103 - Sun.
Chocolate "fondue' for dessert.

He wanted help making a "two" with his fingers.
Day 103 - Mon.
My little helper at the grocery store.  Most of the plastic grip on the handle was gone and Mark refused grip the part without the plastic even if it made it really hard for him to steer. It took us longer than I would like to pick up a few things because he also refused my help with the cart.

Day 104 - Tues.
First time at the eye doctor!

Day 105 - Wed.
Mark loves apples, but he likes it without the peel-which happens to be the healthier part of the fruit.  So today, I wanted to see if he would eat it if I left it on. This is what happened. He will not eat the apple skin.

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