Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Day at the Museum

Mark and I had a great day yesterday.  We surprised Matthew with lunch and then headed out to Dallas for a day at the Perot Museum.  He loves going to play at the Children's Museum there.

He's been asking to go the the "b-zeum" for the last few day and I figured Monday would be a slow day there. He's not old enough to be interested in any of the other exhibits yet so we stuck to playing in the Children's Museum.

His first stop was at the water table.  He had a bit of a tiff with another little girl because he wanted the a little cup that she was playing with. I love how serious he looks in this picture.

After the water table, we went to the play structure with building blocks.  He had a great time with his blocks!

In this picture, there was a little girl crying.  I think he was perplexed why anyone would be crying at such a fun place. :-)

 Then it was time to play with the wooden blocks! He loves to build things and knock them down.

This was the first time that is was nice enough outside for him to play in the sand pit in the museum courtyard. I had a really hard time getting him to come out of the pit when it was time to go.

Before we left, we made a stop at the cafe and had a quick lunch. He had two pieces of chicken strips.  after he ate one, he asked, "Hey! Where my odder chicken nugget go?" I reminded him that he ate it all up and it went in his tummy.  He thought it was so funny and started laughing.

Of course, we had to climb up on the giant froggies.

And make some music before we left....

It was such a fun day!  I'm so glad that we have a membership because we are definitely getting our money's worth.

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