Thursday, April 17, 2014

What We Did - Week 15

Day 106 - Thu.
Matthew had a baseball game on a beautiful evening.  M pitched and everyone hit so well!  Too bad they lost really badly.

Day 107 - Fri.
Mark got a new water table and he loves it.

Day 108 - Sat.
We spent our evening at the FC Dallas game as a birthday gift to Michael.  A great game on a beautiful evening.
Day 109 - Sun.
Mark browsing the Sunday ad for Target and telling me all the things he wanted.

Day - 110 Mon.
Lazy Monday morning selfie with my baby!

Day 111 - Tue.
Storytime at the library.  He prefers going on the computer to sitting for story time.  However, he runs over to participate when it's time for song and dance.

Day 112 - Wed.
We went out to lunch with Daddy, and Mark really enjoyed his chocolate dessert!

And Matthew had baseball practice.  Look how baseball ready he is.

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