Monday, April 14, 2014

This and That

I was reading the news this morning and we may have a freeze warning tonight.  What?!  It's the middle of Spring for goodness sakes. And while we are at it, is it really the middle of Spring?  I can't believe that there's only a little over 6 weeks of school left.

It rained yesterday so Matthew's baseball game got cancelled.  It was a bit of a disappointment because I love to watch him play and he enjoys playing.  And M was looking forward to pitching again.

He had a game last Thursday and even though they got pummeled, him and his friends had a lot of fun.  M got pitching duty and the boys were hitting great with him pitching. After the game we stayed and literally closed the place down - we were told we needed to head out by one of the girls that was responsible for locking up. The boys were wrestling, running, screaming and just generally being boys and having fun on a nice warm evening. And the parents enjoyed the weather and the conversations so much, they didn't want to leave either.

We took Michael out to the FC Dallas game on Saturday as his birthday gift.  The weather was perfect for a soccer game.  Unfortunately, our home team lost 3-2, but it was a good game, and I had so much fun with my boys.  We left Mark with the Gs, but we will bring him with us next time.  I missed him, and I think he would have enjoyed all the excitement.

Sunday was a rainy, stay home, kind of day. The boys had friends over, and M and I took Mark out for a walk after it cleared out.  Other than that, we were home bound and just hung out.

Last Friday, I thought it would be nice to get Mark a water table so we did, and he LOVES it.  He was out there on Saturday for at least 2 hours playing with it.

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