Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Fake Birthday to My Mattikins!

Matthew had a fabulous birthday party this Saturday! We had more kiddos attend than expected but that was OK. The more the merrier! We had it at Jump!Zone where the kids can run around and go from one bounce house to the next. It was a little crazy because not only were there 2 other parties at the same time, it was open play, so essentially, anyone can come in and pay to play. It was definitely chaotic and I was stressed out about the kids being scattered all over the place, but the kids did not seem to mind and most of the parents didn’t seem to care either.

After an hour of jumping fun, we went into a private party room to have pizza and cake. Matthew was busy mingling with his friends so he did not have time for me, but I was so happy to see him be the social butterfly and celebrate with his buddies. He tells me that this will be his 2nd fake birthday because he celebrated his 2st fake birthday at in his class a couple of weeks ago.

Other than the party, we didn’t do much but lounge around by the pool. It was even too hot for the pool at times. I guess summer has arrived. We have another 3-4 months of nothing but heat. I’m not looking forward to the summer heat, especially with being pregnant. It’s going to be uncomfortable.

Speaking of which, we are having another little boy! We went to our regular Dr. visit last Thursday and got to see him on the ultrasound. I love that my Dr. does an ultrasound every time we go in for a visit. I can’t get enough of the little Nugget. Heartbeat was at 153bpm and everything looks healthy and normal (yay!). I was upset and disappointed at first that I would not have a girl but I’m over it. I gave myself some time to wallow in my self-pity, but realized quickly that I’ve been blessed with so many people and this is no exception. I’m so blessed to have this little boy come into my life and I cannot wait to meet him and love him. I can’t wait to see him grow into his own person just like my two older brothers.

Matthew was very excited to have a baby brother, but Michael was hoping for a baby sister so he was a little disappointed, but like his mamma, he got over it. He is going to be such a caring big bro. I see that in him every day in how he tries to protect Matthew. I am beyond proud of him.

Now that we know little Mark is coming, we are going to be busy prepping for his arrival. I haven’t done much yet because of the partial bedrest thing, but I think I’ve got the bedding picked out. Once that arrives, we can put the nursery together. I’m so excited to get started.

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