Sunday, April 19, 2009

But wait, if you order NOW....

Michael is obsessed with infomercials. Whenever an infomercial comes on, he stops what he's doing and just stares at the TV. Mouth opened in amazement, eyes the size of saucers. It's like a fly drawn to the light of a bug zapper. Not only are the infomercials hynotic for him, he wants to purchase whatever he sees. If I listen to him, I would now be the proud owner of the Snugglie, the Buxton bag, the spacesaver bags, and the list goes on. Every time I see or hear an infomercial, it will be followed by a "Mom, you should get this. It does fill-in-the-blank!"

So this morning, while I was lying in bed, he calls out from the living room, "Mom, you should get this! It cooks anything in 10 seconds."

When I did not respond, he calls out again for me to come watch how amazing this amazing product is. "Mom, you might want to see this!"

Then pitter-patter of feet rushing into my room. "Mom, it cooks anything in 10 SECONDS!" What is it? "I don't know, but it cooks anything in 10 SECONDS!" Well, how much is it? "It's FREE!" Baby, nothing is free. "If you buy one, you will get another one for FREE!"

Note to self: Keep the phone away from him.

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