Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day of Soccer & Goldfish

We have a new pet. His name is spot. Not sure if its a he, but it is now. We went to Fair at the Square yesterday and Michael won a goldfish. He was so excited. Apparently, that was the best part of the day. I'm not sure if "won" is a good word for the goldfish. Yes, it's great to get a free pet, but spending the $40 for the tank, water conditioner, and food is not exactly free, is it? Also, I see a friend for Spot in the future. Yes, Michael named the goldfish Spot which is pretty clever, I think.

We had a very busy day. Soccer in the morning. Michael scored a goal. It was a great goal, according to the other parents who saw. I will have to take their word for it since I completely missed it. I was helping Matthew with his #1 business in the ladies room. He played a great game. He was aggressive, went for the ball, and had some really good blocks.

Riding on the helicopter

Flying high!

All smiles

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