Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ode to Spot

I was somewhat of a clairvoyant when I said that I hope our pet goldfish don’t go to the “Porcelain Heaven” too soon. Well, I have to say that we have a tragedy on our hands. Yes, one of the goldfish has left us for the big aquarium is the sky. Please reserve a moment of silence for Spot, the original goldfish. Although his life was short, it was full. He was rescued from the carnival by Michael. Michael took him home as a beloved pet, gave him a name, and brought him new two friends to share his fish tank. Spot has gone on to bigger and better things.

I went to feed the fish this morning and found Spot belly-up (literally) behind the plastic plant. We have not broken this news to Michael or Matthew yet. We will have to tell them when they get back from school. I foresee another trip to Petco. Wish me luck.

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