Thursday, April 16, 2009

Girls Are Not Good Runners

Yesterday after I picked the boys up from school/daycare, we drove over to good ole Mickey-D's and picked ourselves up a healthy dinner. I must say that it went quite smoothly thanks to "Monsters vs Aliens" on DVD. On the way back, the kids were engrossed in the movie, and I was deep in thought (not really). Then I hear Michael say, "Oh, this is the part where the girl is running. Girls are not good runners." So, I see this as a chance to explain to him that just because someone is a girl doesn't mean she is not a good runner. It's 2009. Girls can do anything as well as boys. He says "Well, boys are good talkers." Oh really? "Yes, they are good at talking crap." Yes, they are my Angel. Yes they are.

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