Saturday, July 30, 2016

California Summer - Part 2

Day 6-10

On day six, we went to the coast and enjoyed the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Mark and I saw the fish feeding at the kelp forest exhibit, which was pretty neat. I hadn't seen it before. There was a diver in the tank throwing out fish/squid/whatever else to the fish and sharks. He has been doing this voluntarily for 30 years. I don't have any pictures from our visit.  Not one single picture.

After the aquarium, we went to lunch a tepanyaki restaurant.

Then we went out to take a picture by the wharf. We're missing my sister and her family.

After lunch, we headed to the beach. It was was cold but these guys didn't mind.

The next day, we took the kiddos to Gilroy Gardens. There was a special Chinese lantern exhibit and it was so pretty.

One of the displays was the zodiac signs. My rabbit with the rabbit.

My rooster.
And my goat.
 The beautiful arches.

We spent most of our time at the splash pad because that's what the kiddos wanted to do.

Then Ben met us there and we went on a few more rides before heading home.

On Saturday, we visited the Farmers Market. I love all the fresh fruits an veggies. The boys loved tasting all the yummy samples.

Michael looking over the fresh veggies.

Look how pretty these were.

There was a little craft area there and Mark wanted to participate.

The rest of our trip consisted of having lots of donut and hanging out with my people at my mom and dad's house.

Mark loves to climb the trees in the backyard.

On Sunday night, we celebrated Benjamin's birthday a day early. All 5 cousins - Makena is not digging that she's the only girl!

They all helped Ben blow out his candles.

Then, before we could cut the cake, they dug in.

The aftermath.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

These two do love each other sometimes.

On Monday, it was time to fly back home. It was one of the bumpier plane rides. When we were about to land, we were told that the weather was preventing us from doing so so we had to circle around. After 30 minutes of circling, we were told that we needed to be diverted to Midland because the plane was running out of fuel. Joy.  Luckily my kiddos were great fliers and took it in stride.

In a week, we will be on our way to Cancun for our last trip of the summer!

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