Sunday, July 03, 2016

Cabo San Lucas 2016 - Part 1

We got back from spending 10 days in Cabo San Lucas yesterday.  There was a lot of sunbathing, swimming and beach time.  The first part of our trip was just with the 5 of us.  We stayed at this beautiful resort built on cliffs close to the city. We stayed for 3 days and then left to go join an old friend of mine and her family.

We had to get up super early to catch our flight, but we made it and everyone was excited to get there.

We got there, checked in, and enjoyed the beautiful weather before getting dressed and to go swimming.

Since the resort was huge and situated on cliffs, we had to take golf carts to get around. Matthew said the rides were like Disneyland rides because it was winding and steep in some areas.  We got some drivers who went fast.

The view was amazing.

This was what they did for the most part.

People were not allowed in the water at the beach at this resort because of the huge waves and strong undertow, but Mark enjoyed playing in the sand.

And watching the waves crashing...

This was the view from our villas. Amazing.

Quick selfies while we waited for our golf cart.

My only picture of all 5 of us from this trip.

Running around...

I had a very hard time getting pictures of this guy.  He does not want his pictures taken.

Since we couldn't go into the water a the beach on our resort, we drove over to a sister resort and hung out at their beach. The water was more clam, but it was freezing cold.  The boys didn't mind though.

Mark had his first Shirley Temple on our last night at this resort.  I think he liked it.

Off we go to Esperanza to meet up with our friends.

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