Thursday, July 28, 2016

California Summer- Part 1

Day 1-5
Making our way towards our gate. I have to say that my boys are great travelers. They've had lots of practice so I don't stress out as much as I use to when we travel without M.

The plane was a little late getting in so we had to wait a little longer than planned.  Poor Matthew was about to fall asleep on the floor because his Dramamine kicked in before we boarded.

I got to sit next to this sassy girl on our way to my parents' house.

The boys loved playing with the monkey, especially Michael.

The next day, we drove to the airport to pick up M. We stopped for lunch at a hole in the wall Mongolian Barbecue place that M and I went to a lot when we were dating. Still so good almost 20 years later.

M and the kids wanted ice cream after lunch so we drove to this cute ice cream parlor that just happened to be right next to the complex that I lived in my senior year in college.

The house to the right was the house that I lived in and the house straight ahead was the house my other DZ sisters lived in.  So many good memories! This was the house M picked me up at on our first date.  Another fun fact? The house number is the same as our current house number. Full circle...

Love this picture.

These two were very tired and fell asleep on our way home.

We went to dinner at my brother's house and here are all the kiddos with their Gs.

A pair of cuties.

On Sunday, my family let us leave all 3 kids with them so we can have an overnight date. We drove to Napa Valley and had the best time!

Our first stop was this little sandwich shop in West Portal (San Francisco). M LOVES, LOVES this place. He came here all the time when he went to school in San Francisco and insists we stop by every opportunity we get.

On our way to Napa, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.  I haven't been across the bridge in at least 20 years. So beautiful with the famous fog.

After we settled into out hotel room, we made the drive to Calistoga and stopped by the Frank Family Winery.

Then headed over to Faila Winery. This was one of my favorite wine tastings. They had our table set up in the courtyard.

Our tasting menu.

These were are tasting partners from Atlanta and Rochester. We had such a good time tasting great wines with great people.

After the wine tastings, we drove back to the hotel to freshen up and went to dinner in downtown Napa. And I didn't take any pictures.

The next morning we walked from our hotel to grab breakfast at the Oxbow Market (an indoor farmers' market). I was cold. I had forgotten how cold it is in the mornings.

It was a nice walk with beautiful views.

Yum! Coffee and scone.

After breakfast, we hung out at the hotel for a little bit so that we wouldn't hit morning traffic on our way home. It was a nice little getaway during our vacation. I just love Napa Valley!

On Tuesday, we all went to Watsonville to pick some strawberries. It was late in the season so the strawberries were smaller and more sparse, but they were still sweet and delicious!

 These boys enjoying the fruits of their labor, literally.

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