Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Day in Our Lives

Random post on what we did last Tuesday. To be honest, it was a pretty full day for Mark and I - not typical on a summer day. Mostly we stay home and swim or just hang out.

I woke up bright and early. Not 5:58 early, closer to 6:30. I made my coffee and got online to check emails, read my blogs, etc...

I'm loving my new mug from my trip to Waco.

Then I went out to water my plants. Best to do this in the morning when it's not so hot.

Mark usually wakes up closer to 9 on a summer's day, but he decided to get up early this morning so while I was picking up, watering and doing a load of laundry, he was doing this.

We headed out to the gym after I fed him breakfast. Post workout selfie. It was a hard class so it kicked my butt.

I fed all three boys lunch and then headed off again with Mark to see a magic show at our local library.  They put on the best programs for kiddos. Mark loved the show and laughed his little head off!

As we were walking out of the library, he saw Jamba Juice and informed me that this was a perfect day for a smoothie. How can I not agree?

Then we walked over to one of my fave stores. He found a friend while I browsed around for some workout gear.

We met up with a friend to swim for a little bit. These two were born on the same day, in different countries but found their way to each other and became friends. The world works in wonderful ways.

I left the older two boys home to fend for themselves during all these activities with my Mark. This is the first summer that I'm comfortable leaving them home and it's pretty awesome. They just hang out, snack, and for the most part, stay out of trouble. I call them constantly to make sure they are OK, which they think is annoying. That's the price to pay if they don't want to participate!

After dinner and showers, Mark and I relaxed with a cup of chamomile tea and a little TV before bed.  On this night, we watched Maya the Bee.

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