Thursday, May 28, 2015


Phew!  We had a quite a busy day yesterday - so busy that I made of list of what I needed to do.

I dropped off Mark at the Gs and went to the gym, went to pick up the clap-out shirts, returned a few things at a couple different stores, got the boys their graduation outfits and was on my way to pick up Mark for a playdate with Reagan when I realized I had left my cellphone somewhere along the way.

UGH! I was infuriated with myself.  I had to leave Mark with the Gs for a little longer, drove over to meet Kim and Reagan to tell them that I needed to find my phone.

I used Kim's phone to call the places that I was at and was relieved to find it at TJMaxx.  So I drove over there to pick it up, drove back to the Gs to pick Mark up and then back to Central Market so that Mark can have at least a little bit of play time with Reagan in the small window of sunshine.

They were so cute.  Reagan is one of the few friends that Mark will share his toys with.  He even saved some gummy bears for her.

We were trying to get them to pose for a picture, but they kept cracking each other up.

Then they were done with standing still...

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