Monday, June 01, 2015

Here Comes Summer!

It's the last week of school for Michael and Matthew!  Tomorrow is graduation for both of them - Matthew is graduating from CES and Michael is graduating from EIS.  It's gonna be a  busy day! 

We've had beautiful weather the past couple of days. Love it, but I know it won't last.  It's gonna get hot!

I went to pick up the clap out shirts on Wednesday and was very pleased with them - then on Friday I got an email from one of the parents saying their child's name was left out.  

I was horrified.  I'm going to get another shirt printed for her that has her name on it, but it will still suck because her name will be left off of the rest the other shirts.

Mark and I met up with s friend to have lunch and play at Central Market on Thursday. He loves to climb that dragon...

On Friday, we went and had lunch with Matthew.  So much fun watching these two get along.

That night, they were so cute watching their iPad together.  I went to take a picture and Michael stuck his arm out and told me to stop it because it was annoying.  Teenage  angst.

He fell asleep Saturday afternoon watching a video.  Love him even with his attitude.

That evening we headed off to a Michael's team party.  Mark had so much fun and was in the pool for most of the party.

The team -  bunch of handsome boys!

We tried for another team picture, but they had a hard time cooperating...

While M took Michael to a scrimmage on Sunday, I took Mark and Matthew to lunch.  Love these two!

They found some rocks and built the solar system with them.  Mark is obsessed with the planets and the solar system.  He knows all different facts about each planet.  I have a pretty amazing kid.

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