Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Birthday Celebration

Since Matthew's birthday falls during the summer, we either celebrate during our summer vacation or in California with my family.

This year, we kept it low key and very laid-back (read easy).  He got to invite his neighborhood friends for some jumping fun at Urban Air.  Then we went back to the house for pizza, cake and a sleepover.

Michael wasn't able to join in the on the celebration because he had a soccer practice that he couldn't miss, but at least he was able to be there for the sleepover.

Mark had lots of fun playing at Urban Air.  He wanted to hang with the big boys on the Warrior course but he was a little too young still.  He was not happy about it.  Fortunately there were other things that he could do.

Like jumping into the foam pit.

And shooting hoops. He's waiting for his turn in this picture. Fortunately, it was not crowded so he got the run of the place.

The birthday boy getting ready to run off to join his friends on the Warrior's course.

Group picture.  I tried to get Mark to participate but he was too busy playing with his frisbee. 

So, group picture without Mark.

This was pretty much what happened when I tried taking pictures with Mark.  He thinks it's hilarious to make these faces...

Pizza time!

Then cake time.  I made it easy for myself by just getting him a mini bundt cake and a variety of little bundtinis for the others.

Happy birthday, baby-cakes!

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