Monday, June 08, 2015

Sun and Swim

Summer time is here and we all smell like bug spray and sunscreen!  It's been such a fun weekend of swimming and more swimming.  Mark loves to be out in the pool.

On Friday, a friend invited us to her year end bash and it was awesome.  She had a bounce house trampoline, dunk tank and the game truck set up along with her pool and the soccer goal, of course.  The boys had a blast!  They didn't want to leave.

They swam, but only for a little bit because there were so many other things to do.

Mark played in the trampoline for a little while.

 There was a game of soccer.

They spent a lot of time at the dunk tank.  Everyone wanted to get dunked!

But their favorite thing at the party was this slide.  Sarah set out a hose so it was wet and fast. All three loved it, but Mark loved it most of all because he spent more than an hour on this thing.  So fun.  After a few sangrias, some of the moms also enjoyed some sliding.

We swam some more on Saturday.  They boys wanted to go to the neighborhood pool so we did for a little bit.

Then we took the boys to dinner at Cafe Italia.  They love it there.  They always order the calamari and the chicken piccata.

Michael was super sweet to me this evening.  He gave me kisses and even agreed to take a picture with me.

M took Michael to soccer practice on Sunday and the other 2 decided they wanted to go out and swim.

He loves the goggle, but he loves wearing it on his head more.  Love that cute little face.

A popsicle break...

Then later that evening, M took Mark to pick up the Gs fro the airport so I made myself this and sipped it outside while the other 2 boys watched a little soccer on our patio. Yum.

Then they wanted to swim. I told Michael that I was going to sign Matthew up for a swim team.  Michael said, "What?! he's slower than me and I'm a slow swimmer." So of course, they had to race.

Michael showing off his diving form...

I predict more swimming fun in our future!

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