Friday, June 05, 2015

4th Grade Clap-Out & End of Year Party

The summer vacation has officially began!  Yesterday was the last day of school for both my boys. Michael's class had yearbook signing and then early release.  He was home before 12.

I went over to his school to deliver his teacher's end of year gift and got to see him in the morning.  I think I might have embarrassed him a little when I called out "Bye, Baby.  I love you" when I left.  It just came out of my mouth. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

Matthew had a busy day yesterday.  It was finally clap out day for him!  Of course the clap out was not very loud because parents were busy taking pictures. Haha!

He was the first class to run out and I was luck to get this shot.  He went by so fast!

We went to lunch afterwards. Then it was party time!  The moms put together an end of year party for all 4th graders at the Aquatic Center and they had a blast!  I was not there for the whole party, but I saw the kids playing all together and it was so fun to see.

I was so proud of this guy.  He passed his swim test and conquered his fear of heights to jump off the high dive board.

Later that evening, M took Michael to his soccer practice and the 3 of us went to dinner.  These guys wanted to see the cars driving by.

This was one of the better pictures I had.  Mark would not stop acting silly.

Then we officially opened up our pool for the first swim of the year!
Happy Summer!

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