Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Graduation Day

Michael graduated from the 6th grade and Matthew graduated from the 4th grade yesterday!  New schools for both kiddos next year. Actually, new school for all 3 kiddos next year.  Mark will be going to preschool at CES.

The most memorable part of Michael's graduation (aside from Michael graduating) was when Mark yelled out "I love you, Michaaaeeellll!" after his name was called. He was so cute. Michael said he was so embarrassed but I think he secretly loved it.

we got there early to get seats so Mark and I took a selfie to pass the time.

The graduates marching in....
I didn't get any pictures of him at graduation because we were too far away for a decent shot with an iPhone, but I asked one of the mom's next to me to take some pictures.  Hopefully, I get some from her.

I got a few good shots of Matthew.  We couldn't find our big camera so iPhone pics were all I can do.

We had a little time in between Michael's and Matthew's graduations so we went to lunch at Mooyah's  It's one of Michael's favorites.

Then it was off to CES!

After his graduation, his class had an end of the year party.

Off to Eubanks next year!

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