Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Band Concert

We enjoyed some music last night at Michael's Spring Band Concert! He and his band classmates did very well.  I loved the music and although I couldn't see him up on stage, I enjoyed watching them play.

His class played 2 songs - March of the Majestics and Engines of Resistance. I love the title of the songs.  They sound like revolutionary music, don't they?

One our way to the concert. Love my Markey's goofy smile!

And I love how he's looking at his brother in this picture!

My handsome little man.  I'm so proud of him.

These two are waiting for the concert to start. I would love to say that they abandoned the iPads in favor of listening to their brother play, but they didn't.

Actually, Mark did stop to listen for about 5 seconds....Please excuse Matthew's knee in the picture. 

I couldn't get any pictures of him on stage (believe me, I tried), but a got some after he was sone with his performance.

And this happened. I thought he was fully asleep and made the mistake of asking M if he wanted to take him home.  Mark heard, woke up and remembered that he wasn't sucking on his num-num.

I was pre-panic mode because we didn't have a num-num with us I saw a huge tantrum coming on.  Thank goodness I had a lollipop in my purse!! Crisis averted...

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