Friday, May 15, 2015

4th Grade Musical - Camp Runamuck

I attended the last 4th grade musical (for at least the next 6 years) last night.  I hate to say that I'm over elementary school, but I really am.  I'm glad that it will be another couple of year before Mark get's there so I get a little break and it will all feel new again ;-)

Anyway, it always gets crazy at the school because there's never enough parking and parents line up at the door so they can save seats so Matthew and I left early.  We went and picked him up some Subway and he ate in the trunk of our car when we got to the school.  

He say some friends so we went to the door and lined up so I can get a good seat.  Well, I was one of the first people there and my seat still sucked.  I have a knack for picking the worst spot for any type of viewing events.  I got the second row, but Matthew's spot in the play was on the other side of the stage and his music teacher almost completely blocked my view of him.  Tragic!

So I did not get good pictures at all. But the kiddos did a great job and sang their little hearts out.  There was a bit of drama.  One little girl fainted and fell. It was really warm and it was probably from the heat.  Poor thing.

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