Monday, May 04, 2015

Weekend Fun

We had such a beautiful weekend!  We started off going to Michael's soccer game Saturday morning. It was perfect soccer weather - not to hot, not too cold with a soft breeze.  And of course, they won 5-0 which made it even better.

After soccer, we came home and rested.  Mark was all about Daddy.

Then they both fell asleep.  I heart these two....

My nice sunglasses broke - the screw that held the lens together fell out and my glasses were lens-less so I went over the the Sunglass Hut to see if they can fix it.  I saw these - little mini Ray-Bans for kiddos.  So stinkin' cute.  I would have bought them for Mark had they not been $70. Sigh...

When I got home, M and I decided that it was time to hose down our patio and patio furniture.  Both were filthy from the recent storms and the ton of pollen.  

Then it was time to head out to the neighborhood camp-out! So much fun.  More fun because I didn't have to cook that night ;-)

On Sunday, we put our patio furniture back together with a new rug. Now we can sit outside and enjoy our short Spring weather!

Here I am enjoying our nice clean patio.

And the boys love hanging out here too.

Then it was time to get to another soccer game.  This was a big game because it counted as two games for Michael's team - tournament game and regular season game.  Unfortunately, they lost 1-2.  They will still advance to the semi-finals for the tournament but will not keep their 2nd place in their league standing. I think M was more disappointed about the loss than Michael.

That was our weekend. We have more soccer next weekend as the tournament continues!

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