Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween 2014

What a fun Halloween.  If Mark didn't understand trick-or-treating," he sure does now!  And I think it likes it because get said to me, "I like trick-or-treating" only about a million times.  Another favorite phrase that night was, "I like Halloween," followed by "I like candy."

Before we went trick or treating, we went over to a friends house for a pre-trick-or-treating party.  The boys played and ran around while we caught up with our neighbor and friends.  It was such a nice evening out - cool enough to feel like it was Halloween in the fall.

After the party, the older boys split from us and went trick-or-treating with their buddies and we took Mark.  He was super, super excited and knew exactly what to do.  He was the cutest little spiderman I've ever seen!

Matthew wanted to be Michael Meyers, but didn't want to wear the mask so he looked like a janitor.  Michael wanted to be the scary guy from Scream, but also did not want to wear his mask so he looked like a happy Grim Reaper....

On liar way to the Halloween party!

And of course, we have to count our candy...

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