Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Yesterday, my little man turned 3 years old.  How did this happen?  It was just yesterday that we were packing for the hospital.

I had plans for celebrating, but poor guy got sick and threw up all over our bed the night before his birthday.  Then, I woke up to discover that M had cancelled his trip because he was also sick.  And then got a text from our sitter that she wouldn't be able to come in the afternoon - the time when I planned on getting the birthday preparations done.

So, we did the best that we could.  I got all his presents wrapped. His Gs came by and brought him mini bundt cakes and we had cake and presents.  

Oh. my. gosh.  He was so excited about his birthday! He might have squealed a few times. He was excited about everything - the cake, the candles, the singing, and the blowing out of the candle.  I accidentally used trick candles and he had a really hard time getting those suckers to go out.  

Then it was presents time!  Every gift he opened, he squealed over.  I can honestly say that he loved everything he got. My sister got him his first play doh set and he couldn't believe it.  

This is the first year where I think he understood that birthdays are special and that when we celebrate it, we are celebrating him.  Every time we would tell him "Happy Birthday," he would say "Thanks you!"  

Later that night as he was playing with his new toys, he told me the he really like the happy birthday song.  I asked him if he wanted me to sing it to him again and he nodded and said, "mmmhmmm."

Happy birthday to my littlest of men.  We love you to the moon and back.  You are so precocious and just super smart and clever.  I know that all parents say that about their children, but I think you are truly genius. :-)

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