Thursday, November 06, 2014

What We Did - Week 44

Day 303 - Thu.
The weather was perfect for strolling through Town Square. We stopped at the fountain to play for a little while.  He loves picking up the acorns and throwing them at the oak trees.

Day 304 - Fri.
Matthew had his Book Parade at school.  He dressed up as a baseball player from the book Squeeze Play by Cal Ripkin, Jr. Big stretch, I know. 

Later that afternoon, it was off we went to go trick-or-treating.

Day 305 - Sat.
Michael had a team soccer party to celebrate a win from Thursday's game.  It was a pizza making party. He and his friends took a selfie.  How adorable are these boys?

Day 306 - Sun.
Another soccer team party at another teammate's house.  This time, it was a swim party. He's ready to go.

Day 307 - Mon.
Happy birthday to my baby!  He was so excited about everything. We had a small celebration at home.  His party will be this weekend.

Day 308 - Tue.
Matthew was sick Monday night so I kept him home today.  Mark and him had some play time with the new play doh set Mark got for his birthday.

Day 309 - Wed.
My sweet boy getting ready to get dropped off at the Gs.

Happy birthday to Grandpa!  We went over later that afternoon to give him his card and some flowers.

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