Thursday, November 20, 2014

What We Did - Week 46

Day 317 - Thur.
This week has been so COLD, but I'm not complaining. I had my hot coffee ready in the morning to enjoy.

And at night, we have a nice fire, some blankets and pillows to keep us warm and cozy.

Day 318 - Fri.
We had a playdate with Jaxson and Tristan.  It was so cold. Thank goodness for Whites Chapel's indoor playground! Mark had so much fun playing with his friends!

We took a little break for snacks.

Day 139 - Sat.
Michael had a soccer game in the afternoon.  M and I went and left the other 2 boys with Jennie.  SO glad we did because it was FREEZING out there! It's a hot cocoa kind of morning!

These two melt my heart.

Day 320 - Sun.
We went to Costco and I was so happy to find that they had pomegranates. They have giant ones and they are alway fresher than what I can get from the grocery store. All 3 of my boys LOVE this fruit and it's super good for them so it's totally worth the effort to shell them.  They eat these by the handfuls.

Day 321 - Mon.
It snowed Sunday night! We woke up to this.  And I got to finally wear my Hunter boots. The kids were really hoping for a snow day, but there wasn't enough to cause any road problems.

Day 322 - Tue.
Mark had a doctor's appointment for his 3-year checkup. He had to get his little finger pricked because they wanted to test his iron level.  Low iron level-no surprise because I have the same issue.  He was so brave.  He didn't even cry when they did it.  All he said was "Ouch!"

He weighs in at 30.2 pounds and 39 inches tall. Here we are waiting for his doctor.

Today was actually warm enough for us to walk over to the doctor's office!

Day 323 - Wed.
Michael and his classmates celebrated his homeroom teacher's birthday at school.  I wasn't able to make it, but a friend sent this picture over.

Michael has been working so hard at school, especially in Math.  And it paid off - 100%! So proud of him.  He's not alway cooperative when it comes to studying, but I hope he sees now that it's worth it.

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