Thursday, November 13, 2014

What We Did - Week 45

Day 310 - Thur.
A beautiful morning and my baby is on his way to the bus stop.

Mark played store in his diaper.  I love that little face.

Day 311- Fri.
Fun Run day!  Matthew did really well and ran 45 laps to help raise money for his school.

Day 312 - Sat.
Party time at Jump for Fun!  Mark had a great time celebrating his 3rd birthday with his friends.

We opened presents at home. He was super excited!!!

Day 313 - Sun.
The perfect evening for a game of baseball.

Day 314 - Mon.
This may have been our last day of warmth and sunshine.  We played outside while waiting for Matthew to get home from school.

Day 316 - Tues.
Brrrr....A very cold morning. We headed over to the library for story time and kept busy with coloring and computer play before we got started.

Then we went to Pei Wei for some lunch.  This boy loves his rice.

Day 317 - Wed.
Another very cold day.  We spent the evening watching a little TV and playing legos.  Love these little guys!

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