Thursday, November 27, 2014

What We Did - Week 47

Day 324 - Thu.
We went and had lunch with Matthew.

Then we went and had lunch with Michael.

Day 325 - Fri.
It was Grandparents' Day at Matthew school.  His class had a little poem reading for us.  It was so cute.  I didn't get any pictures, but we have video ;-)

Matthew convinced his Daddy to take him out of school early after the show.  We had lunch at Mooyah Burger.

Then we came home and Mark had a nice nap.
Day 325 - Sat.
The sickies began this day.  Michael caught a cold and was not feeling good.  Poor guy just wanted to lay by the fire.
Day 326 - Sun.
Since M and I were leaving for Vegas the next day, we decided to get the tree done before we left.  Michael helped us a little but got tired and opted to sit out of most of the tree decorating.

This guy was ecstatic to be decorating.  He was dancing to the Christmas music and kept telling us he loved Christmas.

All finished!

He gave Matthew a kiss for sharing his hot cocoa.

Day 327 - Mon.
We dropped Michael and Matthew off at the Gs and drove to the airport.  We were going to meet up with my parents for a couple of days while M did some work there.

We got there at about noon and hung out at our resort until M was done with work.  Mark enjoyed his first taste of gelato.

Day 328 - Tue.
Enjoying our breakfast at Bouchon Bakery

Then we headed to Mandalay Bay to visit the Shark Reef Aquarium.

Day 329 - Wed.
We got up bright and early to catch our flight home.  No pictures today :-( But it was good to be home and see my two little monkeys again.

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