Monday, November 10, 2014

Boosterthon, Party and Baseball!

Matthew had his Fun Run last Friday to raise money for his school.  This was actually the first year that he fully wanted to participate in.  He's been at his school for five years.  They must have said or done something to really motivate him :-)

Mark was not feeling well that morning so we left the run early.  He kept asking to go home even before the run started.  Poor baby. He was better by lunch time though, so I'm not sure what happened.

That night, we went out to dinner with the Gs.  Cafe Italia, of course. Mark wanted to read the menu.

On Saturday, we hosted Mark's birthday party! We had it at Jump For Fun, which is his favorite place right now.  Ho loves Super Why, so we went with that theme. I wish I had looked on Pinterest earlier because there were some really cute ideas. Maybe for next time? He wouldn't care if we had the same theme 2 years in a row, would he?

Matthew was suppose to have a baseball game that same day , but he was so worn down that we let him skip it because he had another game on Sunday.

Sunday was such a pretty day.  We didn't do much.  I took Mark grocery shopping with me and he was adorable pushing his mini shopping cart.  He was actually very good at helping me. I was very proud of him.  Too bad I didn't take my phone with me to snap some pictures.

Matthew had an evening baseball game.  His team did really well.  They won 10-4, making it 3 straight win.  Thank goodness because they had lost 4 straight or something like that. We've got another busy week ahead of us.  I think it gets busier and busier as we get closer to the Holidays!

Oh, Michael set up the Christmas tree.  We haven't decorated yet, but it's up.  Next weekend is suppose to be in the 40s so I think we will put on some Christmas tunes and decorate ourselves a Christmas tree.  I love this time of the year.

And this is just a random picture I took of Mark playing with his new grocery store set.  He loves it.  I know it's pink, but I don't care and neither does he.  Even his big brothers play with it. Notice the play doh all over the floor?  Thanks Sandi...

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