Thursday, October 30, 2014

What We Did - Week 43

Day 296 - Thur.
He was playing blocks and I asked him to smile for the camera.  He said,"No pictures, please."

Day 297 -  Fri.
Dragon Pride assembly at Matthew's school.  He looked thrilled.

Then we met up with some friends for a playdate at Homestead Farm.  So fun!

Day 298 - Sat.
M took Michael to an early soccer game and both boys were still sleeping.  I woke up early and enjoyed the quiet.  I painted my nails, had a cup of coffee and looked through the new Pottery Barn catalogue.  Bliss.

Because M had field marshall duty, Michael got dropped off from the game by one of his teammate's mom.  Then JT got picked up by our neighbor for his football game so me and my boys went to lunch.

Michael wouldn't participate in a selfie.  I snuck in a picture while he wasn't looking.

We went on a walk around our neighborhood lake.

Day 299 - Sun.
A nice Sunday evening baseball game.  And he got the game ball.  A nice way to end a nice weekend.

Day 300 - Mon.
We went to Grapevine Mills because he wanted to ride "the round-a-bout" (his version of the carousel).  But before we got to that, this happened so I walked around for a couple of hours and shopped.

He woke up in the car and said he didn't get to ride the round-a-bout. I fibbed and said he did.  He just didn't remember because he fell asleep.  He believed me.  Meltdown averted.

And I got these in the mail from my awesome parents.  These are from their tree and they are the best persimmons ever.
Day 301 - Tue.
We met some friends at the Chick-Fil-A for some lunch, social time for the mommies and play time for the kiddos.

To get ready for his Math test on Wed., I took Michael to the Corner Bakery after I picked him up from trumpet lesson so we can study. It was so much better for him than studying at home.  No distractions - and he got a treat.

Day 302 - Wed.
We spent most of our day working the Spirit Shop.  I hadn't intended to stay the whole 4 hours, but Mark was behaving so well and we were short-staffed so I stayed.  Mark did so well and kept himself entertained.

We went and picked up Sonic for lunch.  he got these 3-D glasses and said that these were perfect because he can wear these in the car to block out the sun. He's so awesome!

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