Thursday, October 23, 2014

What We Did - Week 40

Day 289 - Thurs.
Matthew stayed after school for his Dragon Pride project.

Michael had his first band performance at his Fall Preview.

Day 290 - Fri.
We met up with Matthew and his class for his 4th grade field trip

And hung out in the evening

Day 291 - Sat.
Beautiful day for a baseball game and for a little play time with his sassy friends.

Day 292 - Sun.
Trash day.
Day 293 - Mon.
We went to a Halloween party

It was too beautiful not to be outside so we went for a walk around the lake and stopped to play for a little bit.

Day 29490o - Tue.
Got to play with play doh for the first time! He was in heaven.

Day 295 - Wed.
We had some cuddle time before we started our very busy day.

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