Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Randoms

Michael has to practice trumpet at least 30 minutes each night and Mark loves to practice with him.  We don't let him do this often because it's distracting, but look how cute these boys are when they do get to do it. Both of them also decided to put stickers all over their faces.

M took Michael to his soccer game in Dallas and Mark and I went to see Matthew play baseball on Saturday.  Another typical baseball game.  Matthew's team lost again but at least the weather was nice! Michael tied his game 1-1 and M said he was really close to scoring a goal. The ball hit the top of the crossbar. Maybe next game!

Mark had fun playing with his friends at Matthew's baseball game.

These girls are adorable and their mom always puts them in the cutest matching outfits.  It must get expensive. I would totally do they same if I had girls.

Matthew had another baseball game  Sunday afternoon, but I didn't get any pictures.  Mark was cracking me up because he put on some music and started dancing in front of everybody.  I didn't get any pictures because he was using my phone for the music.

We came home and Matthew took out the trash and recycling.

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