Sunday, October 12, 2014

Glass Pumpkins

Last Friday, me and a couple of friends went to a glass blowing studio called Vetro Gallery in Grapevine to make our own glass pumpkins.  I've always had a thing for glass pumpkins.  I've purchased several from various places and put them out during full. So to be able to create one myself was too good an opportunity to pass up.  It was a little pricey, but it was so much fun!

I didn't get to blow (which is probably a good thing because who knows how the pumpkins would have turned out?), but I got to pick out what colors I wanted and actually put the color into the glass.  Then I got to heat it up in a 2000 degree fire pit.  It was hot in there and I was glad they only had me do it for a few minutes.  They took over the blowing and shaping process.

This is me putting color in the glass.  Standing next to a 2000 degree oven with sandals on may not have been the smartest thing.

My dreadlocked guy putting the finishing touches on my pumpkin.

We were not holding our pumpkins because they were not quite ready.  We had to let it sit in a 900 degree holding oven.  They turn the oven down slowly overnight so the glass does not crack.

Fanny was kind enough to pick it up for me the next day and it came is a neat little package.

Ta-da! My ruby colored glass pumpkin with white stripes and gold stem.

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