Thursday, October 02, 2014

What We Did - Week - 37

Day 268 - Thu.
Caught this baby boy sucking on his thumb while watching his morning show.

Day 269 - Fri.
We went over to let some energy out at Jump for Fun.  He had an awesome time and so did I.  He showed me where to go on the obstacle courses.
Day 270 - Sat.
I great day for soccer and baseball.  Matthew played in his first ever kid-pitched baseball game.

Day 271 - Mon.
Spending a little time with Daddy before he has to head out on another business trip.
Day 272 - Tues.
Story time at the library.  He recognized Sofia from when we met her a couple weeks ago at McDonalds and they hit it off.

Day 273 - Wed.
Some cuddle time in the morning before he got dropped off at the Gs for a few hours.

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