Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with the ladies at A Little Bit of Everything, Love and Grace and Momfessionals for their Friday Favorites Link-up. is my birthday.  We don't usually make a big deal out of adult birthdays at our house.  M and I don't even get each other gifts.  We will go out to dinner as a family to celebrate, but that's about all.

We also don't do gifts for each other for anniversaries so throughout the year, I just give myself whatever it is that I want or need. These gifts are not limited to things.

On this wonderful Friday, I'd like to share some of my favorite gifts to myself.

Morning Quiet Time
I try to take advantage of the time between putting my 2 older boys on the school bus and when the baby wakes up.  During that time, I try to have some time just for me to have my morning coffee and read my favorite blogs.  Sometimes it lasts for 30 minutes and sometimes it lasts for 5 minutes depending on when Mark wakes up. On the days that I do get about 30 minutes of quiet time, I find that I start the day off more calmly.

Time with Friends - Without the Children
Tonight, I'm going to a glassblowing studio to learn about at the art of glassblowing and make my very own glass pumpkin with a couple of girlfriends.  I'm so excited to learn something new and do something I've never done before. And do it with friends. I hope my pumpkin comes out well :-)

Hunter Boots
I got these for myself during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in July. I've seen these all over Pinterest have been coveting them for about a year.  When I saw this version ON SALE, well, I just couldn't resist. I may get a chance to break them in tomorrow because the weather people say there may be a storm blowing in tomorrow morning.  Yippee!

Tory Burch - The Miller Sandal
Again, I've been wanting these for a year but could never pull the trigger.  Well, a couple of days ago, Tory Burch had a friends and fans coupon for 25% off.  So I splurged.  I know it's fall, but these will never go out of style.

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