Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Michael had a soccer tournament in Lewisville last weekend.  His team won all 4 games and had 2 shut-outs.  They other teams only scored 2 points against them the whole tournament.  Go Solar!


Michael did great and got really aggressive towards the end of the tournament.  He got to play more defense than any other tournament and he has gotten a lot better at it.

The first game was on Friday at 8pm.  They played for about 20 minutes before the lightening warning came on.  We were told to go into our car until they came to get us to finish up the game.  We waited for an hour and then they told us the games were going to be rescheduled. They boys found a way to stay occupied. First they called to each other in the car.  Then they decided to get into one of the parent's truck and hang out. So cute!

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