Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Just Another Wonderful Weekend

1.     Had a wonderful weekend.  Soccer game for Matthew on Saturday– it was a blowout.  Matthew’s team scored so many goals that we lost track.  

2.     We went to see the Rangers play the Red Sox on Sunday.  What an exciting game.  Rangers were down 3-0 and we were like, “they are due for a loss.” Then Rangers tied it up 3-3 and M was like, “we need to leave after the 7th inning. I told him “no” because the game was tied. Then we compromised and agreed that if it was still a tied game after the 9th inning, we would leave anyway. Turned out that the 9th inning was the most exciting because with only one out and 1 strike left, some guy on the Rangers team hit the ball and his teammate made it home to win the game 4-3. The then M ran ahead of us to get out of the ballpark and we were forced to run after him.  I wonder if we would have left us behind if we couldn’t keep up.  Sounds like an experiment.

3.       Technically, this isn’t part of the weekend, but I’m throwing it in here anyway.  Last night M and I went to Parent Orientation for Michael’s new school for next year.  I took notes and listened very carefully to what Michael will be experiencing at his new school.  Lunch is 30 minutes, 10-minute recess, bring water bottle, how to prevent dehydration headache, math groups, 5 minutes to go to locker and bathroom in between classes, drop-off starting at 8:30, etc.  M was took no notes and paid no attention – he was on his phone – probably playing Bingo.

4.    This was from last weekend, but again, throwing things in.  Matthew's artwork was chosen to be shown at the student art show as part of the Arts in the Square last weekend.  We went over to take a look last Sunday.  He was one of about 80 students out of his whole school who got picked for the art show.  So proud of him.

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