Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Honestly, all my weekend posts are pretty much the same with little changes is the details.  And honestly-I think it’s AWESOME!  It means that I’m not having to write about a catastrophe (well, my house is sometimes a catastrophe) or major drama, and I like it that way. This means that life is constant and good and calm (comparatively). So let’s get to it!

Both boys had a soccer game this week.  Both did not score, but both teams won and both boys played well. The games were pretty one-side and I don’t remember the score because we were winning by so many points. The weather was cooperative even though it was a little windy for my liking.

Both boys had birthday parties to go to this weekend – Matthew went to Ryan’s party at Urban Air and Michael went to Jacob’s party at Velocity.  Michael had so much fun at Velocity that he’s already planning to have his next birthday party there!

M did some yard work-the hedges in our driveway needed to be cut back so badly.  He couldn’t get to the hedges in the front of the house because his trimmer ran out of battery so he’s just going to have to finish next weekend!

I didn’t take any picture this weekend.  M texted me this when I was out running errands-apparently, little man fell asleep while playing.  I thinks it’s precious that he took my shirt from the back of my desk chair and laid on it.  My little monkey!

Can you believe April is almost over?! I noticed this morning that it’s not dark anymore when I wake up. The boys have 6 more weeks of school left – Michael’s last 6 weeks at the elementary school.  After this year, he and Matthew will never be in the same school again unless we move out of the district.

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