Wednesday, April 03, 2013

What We Did Easter Weekend

March 26 

We celebrated Michael's birthday with a bundt cake and presents.  He got a bicycle from us and enjoyed riding it all weekend long! 

March 29

We helped Mommy water the plant- sort of.  The watering can is empty, but he enjoyed himself anyway!

We climbed the wall.

We looked cute.

We went walking/scootering along the lake on a beautiful day!

 Scootering down the hill...

We hung out with Dad.
 Easter Sunday

We hunted for confetti eggs in our backyard.  Daddy his our eggs - yellow eggs for Mark, purple eggs for Matthew, and pink eggs for Michael.  We could only find eggs that were our colors!  Matthew found all his eggs first.

We were not happy about something.

We crushed the eggs and sprinkled confetti on each other!

And ourselves...

My little cutie.

We played on our swings.

 We went to the creek and played with our friends.

We played with the chicks and bunnies.

What a great weekend! 

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